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About the Author
Vivienne Zhang was born in Guangdong province, a region known for its diversity of languages and cuisines. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English, also speaks Cantonese. A keen interest in languages has helped Vivienne pick up basics in Japanese, German and French as well.
Vivienne studied at Shenzhen university, and was awarded a scholarship (merit-based) to complete her undergraduate degree in Australia. After graduation from University in 2009, Vivienne worked as an interpreter for many international companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Daimler, Siemens, Areva, Peugeot, and others.
Vivienne's interest in foreign languages and cultures inspired in her a strong desire to travel. With visits to 15+ countries around the world, she has a unique and worldly perspective on foreign cultures that she draws upon in daily life.
In 2010, Vivienne decided to start and manage her own company in language training, cultural awareness and translation to foreign expats and their families employed at those multi-national companies where she had previously worked as an interpreter. She formed and worked with a 15-member team with a strategic plan, targeting high growth and client satisfaction. 
Before writing her own books, Vivienne had not been satisfied with the teaching materials available for foreigners wishing to learn Chinese. Over years, Vivienne had tried, tested and perfected various lessons and techniques that apply well to Chinese studies. Those techniques have proved very popular among the students and readers.
At the age of 24, she decided to create a series of Chinese language learning books using those unique methods she put together. Currently, Vivienne has all four of these books published and selling on Amazon, iTunes Store/iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and the like.
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